The great silk road

the great silk road Silk road the silk road, or silk route, is a series of trade and cultural  and  extended the great wall of china to ensure the protection of the trade route.

Horse riding holiday on the silk road kyrgyzstan into the mountains, descending after some time to cross the floor of the great valley and ending at the base. The great silk route is the most famous trade route in the history once upon a time, merchants passed from the shores of the pacific to the. This whole network of fortifications resulted eventually in the great chinese traders on the silk road had to deal with extreme differences in. Kids learn about the silk road trade route from ancient china to europe goods geography of ancient china silk road the great wall forbidden city. Xian, where tourists flock to see archeological remains of eastern china's ancient capital, is the jumping-off point for silk road travel a number.

The great silk road is an ancient trading route that dates back some 3000-years which connected across asia between china and the. This is one of the most extraordinary – and certainly the most epic – telegraph tours launched to date tracing the great silk road, it covers thousands of miles . The silk road was an ancient network of trade routes that connected the east and west it was arimaspians were not only breeding horses for trade but also great craftsmen able to propagate exquisite art pieces along the silk road. Details, tours and guidebooks for the great silk road cities.

Over the centuries, this great silk road spanned a distance of almost 7,000 miles from china through central asia, northern india and the parthian empire, to the. In the first century, the city of palmyra was the ultimate caravan city, a destination and center of trade along the great silk road, located in the tadmorean. Turkmenistan devotes high importance to transport and transit sectors the country has been developing transit routes in view of its favorable geographical.

Silk road trade commenced in a great fashion through the work mission of zhang qian (200–114 bc) originally, the people in the han empire (206 bc– 220. Silk road, also called silk route, ancient trade route, linking china with the west , that carried goods and ideas between the two great civilizations of rome and. The silk road - from its opening to its closure - had so great an impact on the development of world civilization that it is difficult to imagine the modern world. Find out more about the history of silk road, including videos, interesting articles, alexander the great, ruler of the ancient greek kingdom of macedonia,. The silk road enormously promoted the culture exchanges between china and western countries also, it helped established the great influence of chinese.

More than two thousand years ago, china's han dynasty launched the silk road , a sprawling network of commerce that linked south and. This amazing silk road adventure offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to the entirety of one of the major branches of the silk road, all the way across asia. Uzbekistan and the great silk road during xv - xvi centuries there existed thousands of towns and roads that crossed the asian continent and led to the west.

The great silk road

People of the great silk road, kyrgyzstan kyrgyz people the ancient scyths inhabited much of present day kyrgyzstan with their disappearance the kyrgyz. In recent years, china has been actively implementing its concept for the creation of the silk road economic belt this concept jeopardizes the. Alexander the great also made a great contribution to the development of silk road around 300 bce, he defeated greece, egypt, the persian empire and the . Journey, from europe to china, along the route of the silk road origins of this historic trading route, beginning with alexander the great's conquests in the.

  • The silk road, also known as the silk route, is not a single road, but a network of historical several of the great ports on the maritime routes are also listed.
  • Retracing one of the most important trading routes of ancient civilisation, the silk road follows in the footsteps of such legendary figures as alexander the great.
  • The transport corridor traceca is the renaissance of the great silk road, one of the ancient routes in the world the corridor starts in the eastern europe.

The silk road, the longest, oldest and most enduring of the old world's great trading routes, linked ancient china with the greek and roman. You've probably heard of the silk road, the ancient trade route that is to a great extent grounded on the security blanket it offered to its allies. The great silk road is a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind, with its aspiration for unity and cultural values exchange, its conquests of lands and.

the great silk road Silk road the silk road, or silk route, is a series of trade and cultural  and  extended the great wall of china to ensure the protection of the trade route.
The great silk road
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